last updated: 11/11/21

James Warren

I am an artist from Toronto, ON. Canada
Lives, works and studies in Providence, RI.
RISD - BFA 2022

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Statement Inspired by recent ecological writing, such as Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter and Lucy Lippard’s Undermining, my recent work is an effort to see all objects, things and matter in our environment (not just humans) as “vital” and agentic. I am interested in positioning inanimate objects in the role of figurative subjects and exploring how they speak to nuanced human and non-human relationships. While western frameworks position “human” and “nature” as distinct and oppositional categories, I engage with subjects and spaces within the landscape that point to their unnoticed entanglement. Additionally, through my work, I am interested in understanding “landscape” and “wilderness” as cultural constructions and investigating where we situate ourselves in relation to them. How do our cultural perceptions of nature physically shape the landscape itself?

B. 1999
Toronto, On.
Rhode Island School of Design | Providence, RI.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2022
2021 - Salon #1, New Collectors, New York, NY. (group)


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